20 Sexy Anime That You Can Only Watch Alone

I made this list only for pervy boys and girls who like sexy anime, If you’re a decent boy/girl then this is not for you. Panty shots, big breasts, bath shots, all the ecchi stuff are in this anime enjoy! Remember this is just my opinion also don’t forget to keep tissue paper near you.


20 Shuffle!

Shuffle! is a classic Supernatural, Harem, Romance, Comedy, Drama that feels fairly average to begin with but it’s full of surprises as you go on.

19 Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of “Dirty Jokes” Does Not Exist

ShimonetaShimoneta as a whole functions in more or less the same way as underneath the hyperactive, wacky comedy there are a lot of shots fired not only against many societal norms, but also the censorship laws of Japanese media.

18 Sekirei

Those who love fan service should give Sekirei a try. It contains all the “ripped up clothes” scenes, “censored panty” shots, “semi-bare breasts”, etc. You will not be disappointed.

17 Ladies Versus Butlers

Ladies Versus ButlersLadies vs. Butlers includes almost every female archetype found in the harem genre: a tsundere, a childhood friend, a (reverse) trap, lolis, clumsy girls, foreign girls, etc. The harem lead, Akiharu, is also a fairly generic character. While he doesn’t fit the “total loser” persona as many other harem leads do, there is nothing really noteworthy about him. Also, there is hardly any significant character development, but that is to be expected of an anime of this type.

16 Manyū Hiken-chō

Set in Feudal Japan, in a setting where big breasts mean everything, be it power, fame, wealth, you name it. It follows the adventures of Chifusa Manyuu, the next in line for succession within the all-powerful ruling Manyuu clan, and the heir to the secret arts of said clan, that aim to ensure the growth of big beautiful breasts.

15 High School DxD

Unlike many harem shows, DxD actually has some plot. The thing about the High School DxD franchise is that we have a perverted main character named Issei. Then, there’s a whole horde of harem characters ranging from lovely ouju-samas, a pure innocent blonde, a loli cat with the strength of Hercules, and even an Angel.

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14 Kanokon

If you like wolf/fox girls as well, Kanokon is a show you probably want to watch.  The “hot” girl (Chizuru), who also happens to be a fox spirit, is totally in love with the most lady-shy boy (Kouta) around. Then another one comes (Nozomu), she is a wolf spirit at that, and guess what? She happens to love him too. They both fight for his attention with a lot of ecchi antics, and the rest I’ll leave to your imagination.

13 The Testament of Sister New Devil

This is the closest harem to Highschool DxD. Shinmai Maou no Testament offers many things including exclusive battle & desirable fan service. The story is rather simplistic but overall interesting to see the relationships between the demons and hero clan.

12 The Qwaser of Stigmata

Overwhelming amount of boobs, boobs being sucked, boobs in varies of sizes. I have never seen this much of boobies in a Series that’s actually Good!

11 Rosario to Vampire

Rosario + Vampire is a typical Shounen, Supernatural, Harem, Romantic, Comedy about an average, human, high school boy (Tsukune) who couldn’t get into any private schools and was stuck going to a school for monsters. This may sound interesting but there’s nothing particularly special about this set-up, since it is just your average school Rom/Com but with monsters.

10 Freezing

There is not one single episode where a girl doesn’t get her breasts out. Seriously. Not even one. They’ll come out during fights after they take a hit on the chest, even if it’s a punch. I’m not sure how punching somebody makes their clothes explode, but that’s what happens.

9 Heaven’s Lost Property

A very hilarious anime which will cheer you up in no time if you’re feeling down. The main character Tomoki is a huge pervert who just wants a quiet life. Ikaros the “angeloid” who struggles with being human was just adorable. Tsugata the “genius” of the cast who has a strange obsession with flying. Sohara tomoki’ childhood friend who constantly punishes him for his pervy ways.

8 Date A Live

Boobs, explosions and cute girls are a time-tested formula.  It is focused on a protagonist, Itsuka Shidou, as he race against time to save cute spirits invading the Earth by dating them. A really unique comedy, harem, love comedy in my opinion.

7 Kill la Kill

Every ecchi anime has all panty shots, boobs, etc. but they highly lack story, characters that you can cheer for but kill la kill can fill that all up, the very best high rewatchability, awesome animation, shallow or deep depending on what the viewer wants the show to be. Go watch and judge for yourself.

6 Prison School

Story with hilarious comedy and incredibly lewd ecchi scenes, but at the same time also have a legitimately suspenseful and interesting plotline, without making those aspects feel incompatible. I don’t think I have ever seen such a smooth and natural way of merging serious and non-serious elements anywhere else where it actually succeeds on both fronts.

5 Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis can be described in pretty much a single sentence. a guy named Keita and his two stepsisters Ako and Riko doing horny and perverted things to each other around the clock, solely because they want to. That’s all.

4 Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Monster Musume is not a generic anime however. Rather it has a quite fresh take on the genre with a very unorthodox character cast which indirectly makes the ecchi elements very unique. It’s very creative for a fanservice anime, and thus manages to stand out from the crowd quite a lot. As a result, Monster Musume is one of the more noteworthy series in the ecchi harem genre.


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