10 Best Hentai Anime

Hentai  is a word of Japanese origin which is short for a perverse sexual desire. The original meaning of Hentai in Japanese Language is a transformation or a metamorphosis. A meaning of the perversion or the paraphilia was derived from there. Both meanings can be distinguished in the context easily. 10 Tentacles and Witches High school […]

13 Best Gundam Series of All Time

For those who don’t know the term “gundam”, Gundam is an advanced, high performance mobile suit, often constructed to be much more powerful than the standard production mobile suits. They are generally equipped with the latest experimental technology available at the time of their construction. Okay now here is the best gundam series of all time, this is my […]

30 Best Romance Anime Of All Time

Last time i made a list of 100 Best Anime Series Of All Time. So i’m thinking about making more posts like top anime of all time of all anime genres (Romance, Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Mecha, Slice of Life, Yori, Yaoi Fantasy, Drama, Horror etc.) Here is the good list of comedy packed mix romantic anime series that most anime fans […]

Top 15 Cute Anime Couples List

Anime without romance is boring right? Lovely expression boys get when their alone with loving girlfriend. With so many anime couples we have, who do you think made it to this best or lovely pairings? I shall reveal that to you below. Kaori Miyazono & Kousei Arima Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) Music accompanies the path of […]